Flag use – We say yes to Dad & Baby


Technically the use of the flag in this picture may not be correct but we still love the picture and think that this is a great use. The fact that the crafters of the flag rules did not think of a use like this does not mean it’s wrong.  We think our flag is strong enough to endure the use of the flag to represent a father’s love for his new born child.

If we are going to be picky then we should call out the media for their mistake in describing this picture. Assuming the person in uniform is active duty then they are not yet a veteran. Veteran is a status after your active service and during active service this person is a sailor. We think the image of a Sailor with his 8 day old son protected by the flag is a strong and positive symbol. After all this is a person that puts their life on the line every day they wear the uniform. To some degree this is a positive symbol of the role of our military and why our military serves and protects the United States of America. Military service is about our nation, our community, and as represented in the photograph; our families.

We salute this Sailor for sharing his little reason for his service to the country.

As a flag enthusiast we would like to recommend that you use a cotton flag that has been flown before to soften up the fabric. Flag materials are designed to be tough so, doing as this caring father did, wrapping up the baby in a baby blanket is a good idea. If you ever attempt a photo like this be careful of the control of the fabric and test your skills with a bag of sugar first.

There has been some debate in our office on this story because the news articles are not clear on the gender of the parent. Some reference the parent as him and others as her. If we used the wrong gender in our editorial we apologize for that.

Here is the full story on Fox News 

3 thoughts on “Flag use – We say yes to Dad & Baby”

  1. My initial thought was in contrast to the Flag Code but I quickly came to the conclusion that this Sailor has earned the right to demonstrate his intention of wrapping his child in patriotism and our symbol of this country, I believe there was no intent of disrespect and quite frankly I am convinced this child will be brought up learning how to respect the American Flag and our country.

    1. We fully understand that there are different views on this article, which is why we thought it was worth posting for discussion. We think that reasonable people can disagree on this use so we appreciate your position on this.

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